A Publication of the Georgia Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, Spring, 2001

Kim’s Korner
By Kim Robinson

Thanks to all who attended GPC 14th Annual Mathematics Conference and GMATYC’s annual business meeting.  Susan Wood, President of AMATYC, spoke at the opening address.  She challenged us to consider what our beliefs and actions about pedagogy and student outcomes were 10 years ago and what they are now. She asked us to consider what the catalyst was for our own personal change. 
     Mathematics educators are experiencing exciting times.  NCTM’s Standards and AMATYC’s Crossroads in Mathematics provide frameworks and guidelines to assist anyone interested in reforming their own teaching practices.   Even so, effective change doesn't occur easily or quickly.  And along the road of reform, we fall into potholes and run into barriers that sometimes feel like mistakes.  So, for those of us interested in improving pedagogy, the road is paved with lessons to be learned.  My question to you is this:  Do you reflect on your classroom sessions with the intent of pinpointing where you succeeded and determining what still needs improvement?  After class, do you ask yourself, “What went well?” or “Did you achieve what you planned?” or last, but not least, “What would you do differently if you were to teach the same lesson again tomorrow?”  These are not easy questions, but if we are to improve our classroom strategies, they are necessary questions. 
     The Reflective Teaching Model encourages teachers to ask these questions of themselves, but not to do it alone.   The RTM provides a framework for teachers to plan a lesson with a trusted colleague, to observe each other teaching this lesson, and then finally, to debrief together about the lesson.  The goal is not to criticize, judge, or condemn for any mistakes.  Instead, the RTM advocates that both teachers to look back, honestly and thoughtfully, and try to determine if the plan for that topic succeeded in reaching students and helping them to learn. 
     In our busy and hectic lives, finding time to plan, observe, and debrief with a colleague can be difficult.  So I offer an alternative method.  In each of your different preps, commit to trying at least one new Standards based lesson each term.  Before you enter your classroom that day with your manipulatives, or new technology strategy, make a few thoughtful notes about you hope to accomplish with this new plan.  At the end of the lesson, ask your students to write down answers to these two questions:  1) What was the clearest point? and  2) What was the muddiest point?  As soon as possible after class, take a few minutes and review your notes and then read the students written comments.   Consider questions such as:  Do you need to rearrange the order of actions or questions?  Did the use of groups (or lack of groups) hinder or help accomplish your goal? Would a handout with instructions and thought provoking questions be helpful for students? 
     We can transform our teaching, one lesson at a time.  Yes, this takes time and energy.  But if the result is the refinement of an effective teaching practice, isn't it worth the effort? 

GPC 14th Annual Mathematics Conference
Congratulations to Sandee House for chairing a great conference.  We look forward to holding GMATYC’s next business meeting at GPC 15th Annual Mathematics Conference, Georgia Perimeter College, Dunwoody Campus, February 8-9, 2002.  Mark your calendars now to attend both the conference and the business meeting. 

GMATYC Business Meeting
The Georgia Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (GMATYC) held its 12th annual meeting on Friday, February 9, 2001, at Georgia Perimeter College in conjunction with the Georgia Perimeter Mathematics Conference.  Minutes for membership approval will be available in the Fall 2001 Newsletter.  Highlights from the meeting are itemized here. 

By-Laws Changes Proposed
At the annual meeting, president Kim Robinson moved that the deadline for nominating candidates for office in GMATYC be changed to coincide with the date of the annual business meeting.  Madelyn Gould seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.  Additionally, Sallie Paschal moved  change in Article 3 of the By-Laws to state that :  "Each year the nominating committee will also submit at least two candidates for the two vacant positions on the succeeding nominating committee."  GMATYC members may vote on these changes online by following the By Laws ballot link from  The link will appear late in the summer so members may vote as soon as school starts. 

GMATYC List Updated
The GMATYC listserv will be updated at the end of May.  All subscribers who are not current members of GMATYC will be removed.  If you have not paid your 2001-2002 dues, please send a $5 dues check to Stephanie Holcombe at ABAC now so you won't be left out of the loop. 
     Many thanks to Margie Clark who was responsible for getting the list "up and running" several years ago and to Sallie Paschal who is the new list owner. 


Gainesville College Hosts Successful Math Tournament

The Gainesville College Mathematics Tournament was held on Saturday, April 7, 2001  on the Gainesville College campus.  Participants included five two-year colleges from Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina including Georgia Perimeter College, Durham Technical College, Gainesville College, Spartanburg Technical College and Isothermal Technical College. The competition consisted of a morning individual competition and an afternoon team competition. 
The winners of the individual competition were: 
First Place: Qixing Zheng, Gainesville College, Sponsor: Evie Robbins. 
Second Place: Tengzhou Zhuang, Georgia Perimeter College, Sponsor: Jacqueline Spann 
Third Place: Tsu-Wang Yang, Durham Technical College, Sponsor: Chuck Wessell 
The winners of the team competition were:
First Place: Gainesville College Team 1, Sponsor: Evie Robbins, Members: BJ Cooley, Kasia Hebda, Elie Vivant, Qixing Zheng. 
Second Place: Durham Technical College, Sponsor: Chuck Wessell, Members: John Absher, Shea McInter, Chris Wickline, Tsu-wang Yang 
Third Place: Georgia Perimeter College Team 2, Sponsor: Jacqueline Spann, Members: Nia Cook, Justin Simms, Tengzhou Zhuang. 
     Many positive comments were received about the tournament and a good time was had by all who participated.  Special thanks should go to the faculty 
and staff of Gainesville College for sponsoring the tournament, to the team sponsors and students for participating, and to Durham Technical College 
for being a first time participant. 
    The Gainesville College math tournament provides a forum for recognizing and rewarding our best and brightest math students.  Gainesville College is looking  forward to sponsoring future tournaments. New Official GMATYC site

The GMATYC membership approved the purchase of a domain name.  The purchase has been finalized and you can now find our web site at  Thanks to Sallie Paschal for acting as webmaster for this site. 

Membership Committee Report

Gloria Hitchcock reported that 44 new members joined GMATYC during the Fall term. Thanks again to committee members:  Beryl Boyd, GPC; Ann Crowson, GPC; Jean Millen, GPC; Jan Scott, East Georgia College; and Kathy Simons, Valdosta State.  Funds spent to conduct the membership drive should be reimbursed by a grant from AMATYC.  The membership committee plans to conduct another drive and keep this momentum rolling. 
The new Membership Committee for 2001-2002 is: 
Kathy Simons, Valdosta State College, Chair, 
Beryl Boyd, Georgia Perimeter College, 2002 
Jean Millen, Georgia Perimeter College, 2003 
Jan Scott, Georgia College, 2003 
Gina Reed, Gainesville College, 2004 
Kitt Lumley, Columbus State College, 2004. 
As president-elect, Gloria Hitchcock will continue to serve on this committee. 

New GMATYC Officers Elected

Tom Wheeler announced the slate of officers for the next year.  The new officers are: 
President Elect -- Gloria Hitchcock -- Georgia Perimeter College 
Nominating Committee -- Alice Pierce -- Georgia Perimeter College 
Nominating Committee -- Ann Hardy -- Georgia Perimeter College 
Alice and Ann will join Tom Wheeler and Pat Zrolka on the Nominating Committee.  Pat will chair this committee. 
Donna Saye of Georgia Southern and Stephanie Holcombe of ABAC will continue their terms of Secretary and Treasurer respectively. 

AMATYC Student Math League Contest
The rotating GMATYC plaque having names of students who have scored highest on the Georgia  AMATYC Math League Contest is full.  The plaque was presented to the school that had the most names,  Georgia Perimeter College.  A new plaque has been purchased and will rotate each year to the winning students school.   Membership approved the Board’s recommendation that an annual cash award of $200   will be given to the student representing a Georgia Institution who scores highest on the Georgia  AMATYC Math League Contest.  In case of a tie, the prize money will be divided evenly among those who tie. 

GSAMS at Work
The GMATYC executive board met Monday, May 7, in GSAMS classrooms all over the state.  The three Atlanta officers met at the Rockdale Center GSAMS room at GPC while Donna Saye connected from Statesboro and Stephanie Holcombe connected from Brunswick. 



Gloria Hitchcock Georgia Perimeter College President-Elect GMATYC 
Reappointed to the CLEP Mathematics Examination committee 
Melanie Robertson ABAC Promoted to Assistant Professor
Mary Glenn Grimes Bainbridge College Promoted to Associate Professor
Roberta Lacefield Waycross College Promoted to Assistant Professor
Virginia Parks Georgia Perimeter College Promoted to Professor

Check out the updated GMATYC 
official web site at