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Bill Bompart Teaching Excellence Award
Selection Criteria
At the GMATYC annual meeting held on February 7, 2003, GMATYC members voted to establish a teaching excellence award. The award is given in even-numbered years beginning in 2004, and the winner will become the GMATYC nominee for the AMATYC Teaching Excellence Award for the following year. A one-year membership to GMATYC, a one-year membership to AMATYC and a plaque will be given to the award winner. This award will be given at the February meeting in even-numbered years.

The next award will be given at the February 2018 annual GMATYC meeting and the forms must be received no later than Monday December 11, 2017.

Because the Bill Bompart Teaching Excellence Award winning nominee will be our AMATYC Teaching Excellence Award nominee, the criteria for our award is based on AMATYC's criteria.

With teaching excellence as the main focus of the award, the criteria for selection are:
  • Instructional Effectiveness and Support of Students: Innovative teaching strategies, alternative assessment methods, curriculum development, creating a learning environment for all students, accessible to students in and out of the classroom, etc. (This area is given the most weight with 25 maximum points.)

  • Professional Involvement and Professional Development/Renewal Activities: Active participation in professional organizations, speeches, articles, conferences, etc, (This is given a maximum of 15 points.)

  • Interaction with Colleagues: Sharing and discussing ideas with other colleagues, etc. (This is given a maximum of 5 points.)

  • Service to Department/Division/College: Active contributor to college community, department, division, college, other. (This is given a maximum of 5 points.)

(Note that the point scheme is to be used as an aid when judging the criteria for our selection from the nominees.)

Nominees must be GMATYC members whose primary assigned duties must be delivering instruction in an associate degree-granting program. Nominees must have a minimum of 5 years of full time teaching experience. Individuals can be selected for the award only once.

A competed nomination packet should consist of the following items:

  • A nomination form
  • A cover letter from the nominator (not to exceed 3 pages in at least a 12-point font),
  • A resume or vita of the nominee, (not to exceed 3 pages in at least a 12-point font),
  • A page letters of recommendation from each of the following: a student, a colleague, and a supervisor (each not to exceed 1 page in at least a 12-point font),
  • A summary of the candidate's most recent student evaluations (not to exceed 2 pages in at least 12-point font).

In fairness to all candidates, our policy dictates that any other additional information will not be considered.

Members who meet the criteria are encouraged to apply.

Selection Criterion